To create a participatory climate with an innovation culture and to lead the sector in developing new technologies, our R&D Centre, certified by the Ministry of Industry and Technology on 17 October 2014, was awarded the title of being the first R&D Centre in the wire industry and the second in the iron and steel sector. Pursuant to the legal power granted by the Ministry of Industry and Technology, the R&D Centre continues to work in a 561 m2 central area with qualified personnel from various disciplines.

The centre aims to ensure the sustainability and profitability of GüneyÇelikA.Ş. by increasing the competitiveness of the Company both on national and international platforms in line with the objectives of developing innovative products, equipment and processes and realizing projects that increase productivity and reduce production costs. First of all, reducing the foreign dependency of the Turkish iron and steel industry in terms of product and technology has been set as the main goal.

The R&D Centre has conducted and continues to run more than 50 projects in total, 12 of which are supported by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK).

Güney Çelik R&D Centre has transformed the results of its own projects into scientific publications and a total of 10 papers and articles have been published, 4 in international and 6 in national journals.

We have made applications for 6 patents and 7 utility models that emerged as a result of the projects carried out by the R&D Centre. 3 of our inventions were entitled to utility model certificates awarded by the Turkish Patent Institute and 1 of our patents were registered by the Turkish Patent Institute.

Güney Çelik R&D Centre continues to conduct studies in accordance with the Law No. 5746 on Supporting Research, Development and Design Activities, which supports the production of technological information, innovation in products and production processes, increase in product quality and standards, increase in productivity, reduction in production costs and commercialization of technological information in order to make the country's economy competitive at the international level through R&D and innovation.
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