PC Strand

While large gaps on structures are economically dealt with Prestressed Concrete Strand, at the same time, large areas can be gained as well with the reduction of concrete cross-section. Also the deformations occurring in the prefabricate systems exposed to dynamic loads can be improved with the drawability feature of the steel.

Bridge / Viaduct beams, Prefabricated Industrial structures, T beams, Concrete pipes and silos, Anchorage and Ground improvement are also used.


EN10138-3, ASTM A416A / 416M, BS 5896, NBR 7483, TS 5680

Technical Specification

Diameter Tensile Strength (N/mm2)
3/8" [9.3 / 9.53 mm] 1860
7/16" [11.11 mm]
0,5" [12.5 / 12.7 mm]
0,6" [15.24 mm]
0,62" [15.7 mm]
0,7" [17.8 mm]

Packaging Size & Type

Package Specification Coil Size
Inner Diameter (ID) (mm) 800 or 900
Traverse (mm) 750
Weight (kg) 2500-4000
Lay Direction S or Z