Integrated Management System Policy

Our company, which develops for the metal sector and produces metal products using up-to-date technologies, has an Integrated Management System, which includes the following principles, Quality, Environment, HSE Customer Satisfaction, Information Security and Energy Management activities, in order to achieve high competition conditions in its products and to make its presence known in national and international markets. It has adopted it as its policy.

    • Continuous production and process quality,
    • Product quality that ensures customer satisfaction and permanence,
    • Presence in the market with a corporate identity,
    • Company and unit in team spirit to achieve the determined goals achieving goals and tracking them,
    • Customer requests and demands by complying with customer requirements, to fully meet and ensure customer satisfaction,
    • In cases where we receive complaints from our customers, we will notify customers of any complaints. To examine objectively, meticulously and carefully, based on satisfaction, solution and to offer suggestions and also to make permanent improvements in parallel with this system and apply in our processes,
    • Timely adaptation to the developing world technology conditions,
    • To ensure efficiency,
    • Occupational Health and Safety system to improve the system injuries, health deterioration and occupational disease risks Ensuring continuous improvement by taking measures to prevent,
    • Uncompromising compliance with laws, regulations and other conditions that we are responsible for
    • Risk related to possible dangerous situations and behaviors within the scope of all our activities To establish OHS culture by making systematic evaluations
    • Ensuring efficient use of resources, according to the generation of waste to create a minimum waste culture and to collect and recycle separately at the source, to prevent environmental pollution and ensure the protection of the environment,
    • In order to prevent injury and health deterioration related to the work carried out, Ensuring safe and healthy working conditions for relevant parties,
    • To identify the dangers in the working environment, to eliminate the dangers and to reduce OHS risks arising from these,
    • Taking the opinions of employee representatives in the operation of Occupational Health and Safety, to participate in
    • To provide the conditions of the integrated management system and to improve it continuously,
    • As a commitment to society, our country and humanity, to minimize and maximize our production, thus sustainable to make a strong contribution to development,
    • Energy efficient systems and services in purchasing products, machines, systems and services to choose products,
    • Purchase energy-efficient products and services to improve energy performance and designs to improve energy performance To make the processes efficient with the philosophy
    • Our Integrated Management System as our organization, management and employees To work to achieve the goals and objectives determined within the scope of
    • As our management and employees, our institution's quality, environment, occupational safety, customer satisfaction, information security and energy management system performance and continuously improving the effectiveness of the integrated management system.

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