Barbed Wire

Barbed wires are the wires used in areas such as buildings, constructions and plantations with the purposes of determining the boundaries or protection. Bodies of the barbed wires are consolidated by bending two hot dip galvanized wires. There are four thorn tips.

Technical Properties

Product Standards TS EN 10223-1
Raw Material Standards SAE 1006, SAE 1008
Material Hot-Dip Galvanized High- Or Low-Carbon Wires
Tensile Strength Min. 350 N/mm²
Type Lowa (Straight Twisting)
Line Wire Number 2
Line Wire Diameter 1,50 mm - 2,50 mm
Number Of Barbed Wire 2
Barbed Wire Diameter 1,35 mm - 2,50 mm
Distance Between The Thorns 75 mm - 100 mm
Roll Length 125 m - 250 m
Packing In rolls of 15 Kg-22 Kg or minimum 125-square-foot rolls
Use Areas For All Security Applications