Armor Wire

Armor Wire (R Wire)

It is used as corrosion resistant armor wire in order to prevent impact, smash and damage in Energy, Telecommunication, Instrumentation, Traffic Signal, Underwater, Data, Weak Current, Low Voltage and Medium Voltage cables.

Raw Material Coating Quality
There are steel ring and lifting lug in our standard packages, but special requests can be evaluated as well.
Packaging-related inner diameter, outer diameter, height features can be produced according to customer demand.
SAE 1006, 1008, 1010, 1045, 1065, 1070
Çinko (%99,995 Zinc Ingots acc to En)
EN 10244-2 Class A EN 10257- 1/2 and other international norms


Armor Wire Submarine Cables
  Class 34 Class 65 Class 85 Class 105 Class 125
340 - 500 N/mm² 340 - Rm - 540 N/mm² 650 - Rm - 850 N/mm² 850 - Rm - 1050 N/mm² 1050 - Rm - 1250 N/mm² 1250 - Rm - 1450 N/mm²

Package and Measure Types

  Small Package Standard Package Large Package
Tel Çapı Ø 1,00 - 1,50 mm Ø 1,00 - 1,50 mm Ø 1,60 - 6,00 mm Ø 3,50 - 6,00 mm
İç Çap 330 - 350 mm 420 - 450 mm 420 - 450 mm 530 - 600 mm
Dış Çap 540 - 570 mm 750 - 800 mm 540 - 570 mm 950 - 1100 mm
Paket Ağırlığı 250 - 400 Kg 250 - 600 Kg 250 - 900 Kg 500 - 1500 Kg

Coating Standard | EN 10244-2

Armor Wires Submarine Cables
  Class 34 Class 65 Class 85 Class 105 Class 125
0,90 mm 3,35 mm 2,65 mm 2,12 mm 2,12 mm 2,12 mm
1,25 mm 4,00 mm 3,35 mm 2,24 mm 2,24 mm 2,24 mm
1,60 mm 4,25 mm 4,25 mm 2,65 mm 2,65 mm 2,65 mm
2,00 mm 4,60 mm 5,00 mm 2,50 mm 2,50 mm 2,50 mm
2,50 mm 4,75 mm   2,50 mm 2,50 mm 2,50 mm
3,15 mm 5,00 mm   2,80 mm 2,80 mm 2,80 mm
4,00 mm 5,30 mm   3,15 mm 3,15 mm 3,15 mm
  5,30 mm   3,35 mm 3,35 mm 3,35 mm
  6,00 mm   3,55 mm 3,55 mm 3,55 mm
      4,00 mm 4,00 mm 4,00 mm
      5,00 mm 5,00 mm 5,00 mm
      5,30 mm 5,30 mm 5,30 mm
      6,00 mm 6,00 mm 6,00 mm


Reliable and experienced manufacture of cable armoring

An outstandingly experienced supplier of the cable industry, Güney Çelik is always improving its expertise in armor wire through new investments.

Güney Çelik’s armor wire, wire for submarine cable and other products have been preferred on the market for reliability,  on-time delivery performance and providing quality service, in line with customer demands.

The company, which has the largest galvanized wire production capacity in Turkey, has been improving its products and services in line with the demands and needs of its customers all over the world for more than 30 years. Güney Çelik has increased the production capacity of Armor Wire (R Wire) for the cable industry with its latest investments, and aims to become one of the leading suppliers in this field with its continuous quality, fast delivery and competitive price advantage. Güney Çelik is always increasing its product range with innovative products developed in its R&D Center and improving its service to the construction, wire, cable, energy and transportation industries.

Exporting quality and reliability to the world

In the words of Güney Çelik inc. General Manager Hamza Menemencioğlu , “Guney Celik has been known as a reliable supplier in the market since 1992, due to its commitment to the principle of continuous development and concentration on new production technologies and investments. As our primary goal, we decided to provide our services up to TSE, ISO and European standards. Innovation is the main focus in the R&D Center and the Accreditation Laboratory Center, approved by the TÜRKAK (Turkish Accreditation Agency) established by our company." Menemencioğlu also stated that they allocate some of their capacity to armor wire production compliant with TS EN 10257 Standard and according to customer special/technical specifications.


Turkey's leading manufacturers of steel wire, Guney Celik, manufactures coated wire (galvanized, galfan coated wire), uncoated wire (black, bright wire), pre-stressed concrete strand, pre-stressed concrete wire, steel mesh, nails and screws. It serves the construction, security, energy, transportation, agricultural and other industries with its wide product range. It offers Galfan (Zn+Al) coated wire, under the brand name” Arzincal ", and quality nail and screw products under the "Civida" brand.

It carries out high quality and flexible production in accordance with customer expectations, in modern production facilities in Adana and Istanbul. In the first R&D center of the Turkish wire sector, it develops production methods and innovative products with high resistance to corrosion. Buildings and other structures, roads, bridges, cables, and fences manufactured using Güney Çelik products last for many years, do not waste resources, and are environmentally friendly. Güney Çelik uses nature-friendly and reliable materials, equipment and processes on its production lines, within the framework of sustainability principles.

One of the most crucial resources of the Güney Çelik brand is its employees; it provides them with a safe and healthy business environment and continual self-development. Güney Çelik owes its success to its R&D and Innovation skills, quality and fast production competence that respects nature, flexible and cooperative working system, experienced and dynamic team and thirty years of experience; thus, it offers select wire and wire products which are chosen by professionals in Turkey and all over the world.

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